Digital Data Collection course

Another year, another web scraping course. Taught through SSRMC at the University of Cambridge. Below are slides from all three sessions.

In the course I tried to achieve the following:
- Show how to connect R to resources online
- Use loops and functions to iteratively access online content
- How to work with APIs
- How to harvest data manually using Xpath expressions.

What's new?
- Many more examples and practice tasks
- Updated API usage
- Some bug fixes (and probably many new bugs introduced)

UPDATE 21/03/2015:
PDF slides now added here:
- Session one
- Session two
- Session three

For raw R scripts, see the course landing page

Slides from 2015 version are embedded below, alternatively access through course landing page. For reference I've included slides from last year's course, too:
- Session one: the basics
- Session two: digging deeper
- Session three: scaling up
- Session four: APIs


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