Web-Scraping: the Basics

Slides from the first session of my course about web scraping through R: Web scraping for the humanities and social sciences

Includes an introduction to the paste function, working with URLs, functions and loops.
Putting it all together we fetch data in JSON format about Wikipedia page views from http://stats.grok.se/

Solutions here:

Download the .Rpres file to use in Rstudio here

Slides from part two can be seen here

Slides from part three here

Slides from the fourth and final session here

UPDATE March 2015:
New 2015 version of slides here
PDFs of slides available here

Slides from part two can be seen here


  1. Here is a shiny app that covers one of your examples

  2. Very nice, thanks. Hope to see the material from the other classes as well.

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  4. Thank you for sharing this awesome material!!!

    I am a very newbie in web scrapping, but I want to analize my spotify data, can you adress me to anywhere to achieve this goal?? I dont find any use of these APIs in R.

  5. Many thanks for this. Just in case others hit the same issues:
    When I pasted in your code from slides, it did not work because the quotes pasted as curly quotes. All fine when turned into straight quotes.

    I am using R2.15.3.
    rjson is not compatible with this, but RJSONIO works fine

  6. Thanks for sharing.
    Very nice work.


  7. Finally I understand some about this, thank you very much !!!!

    Regards from Mexico =")

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